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A beautiful book produced in celebration of 21 years of the University of Brighton's Photography degree, featuring 35 of our most successful graduates, including: Danny Treacy, Emma Critchley, Ewen Spencer, Indre Serpytyte, Laura Pannack, Lisa Barnard, Liz Hingley, MacDonaldStrand, Michael Danner, Murray Ballard, Stuart Griffiths and Tess Hurrell.

Featuring an extensive Q&A conducted by the graduates of 2013, this book is a wonderful educational resource for anyone who is about to study photography, or is at university already, or recently graduated, or simply trying to survive and build a career in the business.

Published in a hand-numbered edition of 600, with 300 available as this single book.

All proceeds will go towards grants for Brighton photography graduates.


Published by the University of Brighton (2013)

Designed by Dominic Brookman / Kenosha Design

233 x 307 x 200 mm