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Good Morning, America (Volume III) is the third in an ongoing series of five books by photographer Mark Power exploring the cultural and physical landscape of the US. When Power began this project in 2012 he could not have predicted the seismic changes wrought by both politics and pandemic on America since. This new book, the halfway point for the series, continues the visual chronicle – but under very different circumstances than when he began. 

The book combines photographs made during 2020 in New England and in the arid southwest, along with others taken on other visits during the making of this vast project. As a result, the photographs selected for Volume III were made in locations criss-crossing the country from South Carolina to Maine, California to Vermount, Nevada, Florida, Michigan and Wyoming – twenty-five states in all over a period of eight years. 


NB: A Special Edition of Good Morning America (Volume Three) is available, with a 12" x 9" print, directly from the publisher.



Published by GOST Books (December 2020) and signed by Mark Power

Designed by Stuart Smith and GOST

Edition: 1st (1500 copies)

136 pages, including 12 foldouts (59 full colour images)

Hardback, clothbound (with foil) 317mm x 245mm

ISBN: 978-1-910401-49-1