My favourite photobooks of 2016

 ZZYZX – Gregory Halpern I knew this was my book of the year within minutes of opening it. Halpern makes pictures like no one else and the sequencing – at once awkward and perfect – is innovative too. I was re-reading Cormac McCarthy’s ‘The Road’ when Halpern’s book arrived, and it’s still difficult for me to look at the photographs outside of that context. Simply brilliant.  

My Panoramas Explained

Some have asked about the consistent use of panoramas during my latest Postcards from America trip to Oklahoma and the Inland Empire. Actually, I have used it many times before, particularly in Marrakech in late 2013 but it’s true that more recently, in Oklahoma and in the Inland Empire of California, I used it a lot. In both places the landscape is wide and flat (great swathes of dormant wheat and cornfields in one; vast deserts in the other) and so this very particular format seemed appropriate.

Mark Power's Top Ten Photobooks of 2013

2013 was a good year for Photobooks. So, twelve days into 2014, here, in alphabetical order, are my ten favourites...

Foto/Industria, Bologna (Confessions of an autograph hunter)

I've just returned from a long weekend in Bologna as a guest of the inaugural Foto/Industria festival. 

Here... have a look at this...

 In a recent Popsicle Alec Soth writes of his barber asking that most difficult of questions: "What do you take pictures of?" Strangely, I once suffered a similar interrogation from my own barber...  

In Praise of... Gerry Johansson

The first of what I hope will be a series of posts about artists whose work I love, here are some musings on the Swedish photographer Gerry Johansson.

9213: University of Brighton Anniversary Publication

As some of you might already know, this year marks the 21st anniversary of the BA degree in Photography at the University of Brighton. I was there, on that very first day back in 1992, and I’ve taught on the course ever since. Staff and students all agreed we should mark this auspicious occasion in some way. So we made a book or, rather, two books…

A Life Off-Screen

Recently, while working on a Magnum group project called ‘Open for Business’, I had something of an epiphany.  I’d borrowed a Phase One camera, a remarkable piece of kit and, as all who try one must surely do, I fell instantly in love...

Welcome to my new website...

Welcome to my new website... The main developments are the size of the pictures, which are 400% bigger than they were before, and its ability to work on any platform, including smartphones and tablets.  

University of Brighton Alumni and Graduate books

Students and staff have produced two beautiful publications celebrating 21 years of BA (Hons) Photography at the University of Brighton. Entitled '9213.

MASS - available now!

My new book MASS is now available to buy from the shop.     

L'Italia e gli Italiani (Magnum group project)

You can see my part of the Magnum group project 'L'Italia e gli Italiani' here. The exhibition - the work of all nine photographers involved -  has now reached Naples, opening on March 29th at the Palazzo Zevalloss Stigliano, and continuing until the end of June. The work was commissioned by the Intesa San Paolo bank.